Security Devices and Necrobiopolitics Rationality: Narratives of the Black Youth in Fortaleza


By intertwining Psychology interfaces with questions regarding race relations and based on a perspective of denaturalization of prejudice and discrimination, this article questions rationalities related to the implementation of one of the main functioning security devices in the suburbs of the municipality of Fortaleza, namely the Community Protection Cells (CPC), from a black youth point of view. It is the product of a qualitative research that adopts the research intervention perspective as well as semi-structured interviews and group discussions with young individuals who reside around the first installed CPC. Foucaultian studies regarding security devices, Mbembe’s reflections about necropolitics and discussions about race issues in Brazil are interfaced. The participants point out that CPC has promoved the aggravation of institutional racism, exposing young black individuals to situations of criminalization and violation of rights. The CPC is seen by said youth as an emblem of lack of government investment in social programs and the fortification of a police state, resulting in the precariousness and incarceration of racialized lives, whether in prisons or in urban margins like death zones and heterotopy spaces, reinforcing the stigmatization of black youth as fictional enemies. Research in Psychology is thus shown to be a powerful tool to handle race relations, confronting racism and the creation of an anti-racist psychology capable of fostering discussion and joint compositions with segments of the population who have been historically silenced and excluded.

Security; Youth; Racism; Intervention Research

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