Leaching of flumioxazin and metribuzin under greenhouse conditions

Maurílio F. de Oliveira Antônio A. da Silva Francisco A. Ferreira Hugo A. Ruiz About the authors

This study was conducted to evaluate leaching of herbicides flumioxazin and metribuzin under greenhouse conditions, in a Utisol and a Oxisol (collected in two differents agricultural regions in the state of Minas Gerais) soils in two moisture conditions (wet and dry soil). Simulation of rainfall ( 45 mm and 90 mm) was done after application of flumioxazin (60 g/ha) and metribuzin (384 g/ha) in columns containing two soils under wet and dry conditions. Flumioxazin did not leach beyond 5 cm from the surface when applied in the sandy-loam soil. In the sandy soil, this herbicide reached a depth of 10 cm from the surface in the column. Metribuzin presented great mobility in both soils and moisture conditions, reaching depth of 20 cm in wet sandy-loam soil and 45 cm in dry sandy soil.

Adsorption; percolation; soil type

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