Spraying distribution, symmetry of fan and droplet size to spray nozzles TF-VS2

R.A.A Román M.C Ferreira G.F.G Carvalho M.V Baggio About the authors

The knowledge of spray distribution pattern and analysis of droplets size of spray hydraulic nozzles turbo Floodjet TF-VS2 to adapt the spacing on spray boom are very important for a proper and correct use and recommendations. The aim of this study was to determine the maximum spacing on the horizontal spraying boom held on a patternator to the tips TF-VS2, under pressures of 100, 200 and 300 kPa in heights of work of 40 and 50 cm. Symmetry of spraying fan was determined due empirical and trigonometric methodology. It was also determined the droplets size by means of laser diffraction, with two spray liquids consisting of water and water plus adjuvant under three work pressures, described above. The maximum spacing between nozzles should be 70 and 82cm assuming the coefficient of variation of 10% for the heights of 40 and 50cm respectively. The higher pressure of work provided the lowest volume median diameter (VMD) and the worst uniformity of drops, beyond the higher percentage of drops susceptible to drift and improve the spray symmetry.

spraying technology; droplet size; sprayer

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