Effect of Mesotrione and Nicosulfuron Mixtures With or Without Adjuvants

Efeito da Mistura de Mesotrione e Nicosulfuron com ou sem Adjuvantes

J. DUUS N.D. KRUSE J.C. STREIBIG About the authors


In Field experiments, a logarithmic sprayer was used to screen the efficacy of 28.5% mixture of nicosulfuron and mesotrione, and the herbicides applied separately. Three adjuvants were also used to assess how they affected the potency of the mixture. The objectives were to test whether a mixture was enhancing or detracting the effect relative to ADM (Additive Dose Model). The test plants were canola and barley. The 28.5% nicosulfuron mixture was acting antagonistic, irrespective of plant species. The antagonistic effect of the nicosulfuron mixture decreased the more developed the plants became; for barley, it almost disappeared 40 days after treatment. For both canola and barley, one adjuvant stood out as being highly effective in decreasing ED50 of the mixture. Antagonism was not alarmingly high, which is found for many herbicides. Results are discussed in relation to the practice of testing mixtures in the literature and the requirements for getting mixture patents.

mixture models; Additive Dose Model (ADM); Multiplicative Survival Model (MSM); adjuvant effect

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