Informal work: motives, well being, health and happiness in street vendors

Emilio Moyano Díaz Ramón Castillo Guevara José Lizana Lizana About the authors

Relationships among work, subjective well being (SWB), happiness and health are complex and have a high theoretical and empirical relevance. In this study, these relationships are analyzed in street vendors. Using observation and photographs in the five bigger cities Maule Region (Chile), 1556 sale points were found and 258 of them were randomly selected for this study. Results: vendors have a moderated life satisfaction, with lower satisfaction levels about their friends and leisure than about their work and family. The highest report of happiness comes from their family (χ2Friedman=389,47; gl=3; p<0,001). They report being sick M= 6 days per month, although they only miss work one day per month. Their SWB correlates with their life satisfaction (r=0, 45), happiness (r=0,44), and health level (r=0,42). These and others results are discussed in the study.

Informal work; well being; health

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