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Interpretation gestalt of a sexual violence inside family

This article shows the results of a qualitative research of orientation phenomenological-existential gestalt, which aimed to reveal some meanings attributed to the sexual violence inside family. It was configured as a case study in which the informant, from 9 to 11 years, was victimized by her father. The data were obtained in ONG República of Emaús, contemplating reading of documents, informal reports, participant observation and interview. The analysis conjugated, whenever possible, the theory of the interpretation of Ricoeur, concepts of the Gestalt-therapy (contact, figure-bottom and psychological nutrition) and of the Occupational Therapy (areas, components and acting contexts). Units of significance agglutinated meanings of the speech, that revealed positive aspects such as revelation of the experience, expansion of some contact borders and presentation of the weight of the lived experience sometimes as illustration other as bottom and negative aspects: repercussions own-contact without functionality, in the contact with the other and in some acting areas.

Abuse sexual; gestalt-therapy; occupational therapy

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