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Work, retirement, old age: a case study with university professors

This paper presents the first results of the research "Retirement and successful aging: a case study with university professors." The main goal of the research is to unveil concepts and the imaginary surrounding old age, work and retirement among professors over the age of 60 who still work. In this article, we reflect on the imaginary of teachers toward aging and the meanings of work, and how these two factors can influence their relationship with retirement. We believe that the imaginary negative toward aging leads these professors to separate old age and retirement, and that the work, due to its use in our culture, is considered the center of life. So, keep the employment situation offers many advantages: firstly, it maintains the highly valued worker status; secondly, it keeps away from the ghosts of losses and limitations associated with old age; lastly, it allows joint retirement and continued employment.

Old age; retirement; teaching work

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