Michel Foucault and the discursive construction of modern subject's body and their relation with psychology

Michel Foucault investigates "the history of the relations between thought and truth" and how the correlation between the two factors is established. The body's enunciation is a fundamental discursive element on the modern subject's truth game. Foucault's bibliography, commentators and other modern philosophers foreground current research which studies the issue of the body in the French philosopher's archaeological phase, mainly in The Order of Things. The discursive constitution of the body, life and man in their subjectification effects are highlighted, with special reference to the psychological subject's discursive constitution. In fact, Foucault de-naturalizes the body and presents it as a key concept (specification grade) in the production of discourses on modern man. Psyche is thus understood not as emanation or as the body's metaphysical essence, but as a discursive instrument, singularly emergent in the history of modern thought (FAPESP).

Foucault; body; discourse

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