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Psycotherapy intervention with a batterer: a case study

Domestic violence is a complex phenomenon which indistinctly affects families. The goal of this work consisted in eliminating the violent behavior of a male batterer . The client was an upper-middle class man who had a University education. The intervention took place at the Psychology Office of the Woman’s Police Station. Fifteen sessions were held over a period of six months. Assessment instruments involved: Interviews with Batterer, Questionnaire about Domestic Violence Believes, Self- esteem scales, Beck depression Inventory and the Conflict Tactics Scale. Intervention techniques involved: homework, self-recording of violent behavior and thoughts that triggered aggression, self-control techniques, time-out, anger management, analysis of dysfunctional thoughts, assertiveness training, relaxation, role-play and readings followed by discussion. Throughout the psychological intervention there was only one episode of aggression which was of minor proportion compared to previous ones. The client did not present any violent behaviors in a two months follow-up.

domestic violence; aggressor; psychotherapy

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