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The terapeutic workshop like intercession in problematic of the individuals constituted by the foreclosure

The critical reflection about a training developed to think about the option Psychosocial Attention Workshop, raising questions from Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory that have allowed to develop and to question the best way to work when we talk about individuals who are constituted by the foreclosure. The way of working the mental suffering is also argued from the amplified clinic , placing the disease in brackets to see through the individual. The creation of a new workshop, focused on individuals constituted by the foreclosure , develops the hypothesis of a psychic restructuring through artistic creation. It would work as a delusion to the exit of the foreclosured falling and the decreasing of the enjoymentOther, Thinking of the dimension of the enunciation, that is always attentive to the appearing of significant things , with the goal of giving a bigger support to the users of the institution. A Terapeutic Workshop would be the place to this important element of subjectivity.

Workshops; artistic creation; foreclosure

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