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The information technology professionals and their personality analyzed by Rorschach technique

This article presents the outcome of a comparative study carried out about the analysis capabilities, initiative, and human relationship among IT (Information Technology) managers and IT systems analysts and programmers. Sixty-six IT individuals from nine different companies and five IT divisions with up to 150 employees working in Porto Alegre and its metropolitan region were surveyed. The Rorschach's technique (Klopfer System) and a structured questionnaire were applied. The same questionnaire was answered by the immediate superior of each subordinate surveyed by this study. The results show that there is no significant difference (t-Test and Pearson correlation) between IT managers and IT systems analysts and programmers regarding their analysis capabilities, initiative and human relationship. The operational individuals distinguish themselves from the managerial ones regarding the release of less controlled emotional reactions. Difficulties to interact with others based on Rorschach's indicatives are discussed in both groups.

Rorschach; IT professionals; human relationship

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