The unconscious is read and written as a poem: poetic conditions of the psychical unconscious

The present article is an attempt to set up and solve the following problem: it is indeed astonishing to notice that poetry is conceived, in G. Bachelard's and in Freud's works, as a specific way to access the Unconscious. How the presence of a similar postulate in both theories can be explained? In order to answer this question, an attempt is made to give a genetic and historical explanation. Such a link between poetry and the psychical Unconscious must be understood as a consequence of the "poetic revolution" (J. Rancière) initiated by the philosopher G.B. Vico, revolution in the conception of poetry as in the conception of human psychic life, which has brought some new principles of interpretation and reading of the productions of mankind.

Philosophy of the Psychology; Modern Philosophy; Vico

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