"It looks like a kindergarten": low-income families and the new elementary teaching

Maria Silvia Pinto de Moura Librandi da Rocha About the author

This article relates to part of the results of a research developed in 8 first year classes of 5 city-funded schools, with the objective of studying the implementation of nine year Elementary Teaching (ET). Developed in 2006 - the year the new ET in the city-funded schools was adopted - the research was composed of a group of methodological procedures, the main focus of which will be semi-structured interviews with 58 relatives of six-year old students of those classes studied. The analysis of the empirical material revealed that the acceptance of the new ET by those interviewed was predominantly favorable, according to the expectation of a child's reading/writing process. Consequently, they evaluated in a positive way the reading/writing activities, criticized their low occurrence and were against other activities in the curriculum, especially games. The aim of this study is to contribute to reflections on challenges to be faced in the implementation of the new ET, focusing specifically on family-school relationships.

9 year Elementary Teaching; pedagogical procedure evaluation; family-school relationships

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