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History Class: subjectivity and memory in students learning

This article presents a research report on the relationships between individual memory and collective memory in history classes. Our intention is to understand the interference in the production of subjective senses of students in learning history. The data collected was based on the film "Narradores de Javé" followed by "free conversation" with students of the 8th grade of a public school in São Paulo. The research is based on the theoretical conceptions of Halbwachs (2004) and Placco& Souza, (2006) about the memory. With regard to the question of subjectivity, the main author is Fernando González Rey (2003, 2012). The survey results point to the complex subjective implication between the history of mankind and the individual stories. Memory performed as a facilitator of subjective senses of the students in their learning processes of History, allowing an approach which helped to understand the construction of their subjectivities in these processes.

History; subjectivity; memory

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