Theory of learninf and the teaching-learning of sciences: from instruction to apprenticeship

Clara Vasconcelos João Félix Praia Leandro S. Almeida About the authors

It is always a concern for research in the area of Educational Psychology, to understand the process of learning of the student, namely in a formal context of teaching. In this sense, the teaching of Sciences uses this area of knowledge in an attempt to ground theoretically conceptions of teaching/learning. Here, the authors attempt to underline the contribution of the learning theories in the process of learning/teaching of Sciences, specifying their influence in the perspectives of teaching that have been previously assumed. In this way, an historical description is started, referring perspectives of teaching supported in the behaviourist approach, and finish by referring cognitive-constructive theories that gave rise to teaching perspectives more focussed on the role of the student in the construction of knowledge, and for the recognition of the innate instrumental value of the curricular subjects.

Learning; Teaching-learning; Construction of knowledge

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