The center for studies and service for school complaints: reflections on practice

Joyce Lúcia Abreu Pereira Oliveira Regina Ingrid Bragagnolo Simone Vieira de Souza About the authors

In this work we describe an investigation conducted by an extension program of the Psychology Course with students who have a history of school difficulties. The project objectives include: to understand the knowledge production process of children-students who have received formal complaints in school; provide the children an opportunity to talk about their needs; organize encounters and orientations with their guardians and family members, to establish the partnership required by the guidance offered; reflect with educational professionals in the schools about different possibilities for seeing and considering the practice in conjunction with the child with difficulties in the schooling process. The work has three modalities: group attendance for students; monthly meetings with parents; and an InterAction group – which includes students and teachers. We argue that the theoretical and methodological perspective promotes psychological practices that go beyond understanding school problems based on a pathological view of students.

academic failure; Psychologist performance; School Psychology

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