The psychiatric reform and its critics: considerations on some assumptions and their consequences

Jairo Roberto de Almeida Gama About the author

This study aimed to discuss the criticisms currently directed to the current model of transformation of Brazilian psychiatric care, exemplified in the "Guidelines for a Model for Integrated Mental Health Care in Brazil" in 2006. We found that in that work there are theoretical assumptions about mental illness, psychiatric therapy and discipline that are not explained and which are based on reductionist scientific conceptions of the mental phenomena. These assumptions point to various mental health care projects. As analytical tools, we use the work of Georges Canguilhem and linguistic pragmatism, besides several authors who criticize the reductionist neuroscientific approach. At the end, we propose a pragmatic scientific approach and a pluralistic clinical perspective.

psychiatric reform; mental health; psychopathology; subjectivity; clinic; neuroscience

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