Youth Homicide: the impacts of loss on victim’s families

Daniella Harth da Costa Miriam Schenker Kathie Njaine Edinilsa Ramos de Souza About the authors


This study is part of a larger research that investigated youth homicide in ten Brazilian cities. In this article we analyze the impacts of the homicide of a young person in the family, through the narratives of family members. Relatives of murdered young people were interviewed in each city studied. The results showed that murder deeply impacts families live quality through triggering diseases and psychosomatic and financial problems. It also provokes psychological disorders, trauma, fear, insecurity, isolation, weakening of family and community bonds, anger and suffering. Regardless of contextual reasons that led to the young man violent death, his loss is always intensely painful and felt like a disruption, a sudden and violent separation that brings absence, emptiness and longing. Knowledge about the impacts of murder on families contribute to theoretical discussion, and creation of health, social works and justice professionals interventions with homicide’s victims family and friends.

homicide; adolescent; young adult; family; survivors

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