The institutionalization speech of health practices: a reflection based on the approach of the Human Sciences

Auristela Maciel Lins Luiz Carlos de Oliveira Cecilio About the authors

This paper aims to promote reflections on the movement to institutionalize health practices evaluation: can it lead to the intended changes or may it reproduce old practices? To answer these questions, it was necessary to resort to the aid of Human Sciences mainly the authors who study social institutions. These authors based their theories on Positivistic sociology, on sociological phenomenology and on the precepts of the French institutionalism movement. Following their lines of thought, this paper is intended to further understand the concept of institution and institutionalization present in those social schools. Based on the theoretical framework which encourages this text, the authors suggest some special attention be placed on actions that support the movement for health evaluation institutionalization.

Evaluation; institutionalization; health services; health policies; Social Sciences

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