Approaches between perception of users and items of the instrument for evaluation of Brazilian acquired immunodeficiency syndrome care services

Laura Olinto Dossena Rogério Lessa Horta Nemora Tregnago Barcellos About the authors


This paper presents contents from the evaluation made by users from an Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome specialized care center in Southern Brazil, comparing perceptions of the groups with the dimensions of the electronic questionnaire employed in Brazil to evaluate this kind of service. The central perspectives were the comprehensiveness and humanization in health care services. Users were invited to focus groups and the transcriptions of the meetings were submitted to a thematic analysis. The quality of access and reception appeared prominently not captured by the employed instrument and influencing connection, treatment adherence and preference for the service. The demand pressure which impacts negatively on the relation among users and health team was also captured in detail as well as items of dissatisfaction, even the service being predominantly assessed as positive. The prejudice concerning people living with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome also stands out, highlighting the need for organization of specific health practices as well as further studies on the topic. This paper shows the relevance of including users in the evaluation of health care procedures for upgrading care and it also highlights items that could be used in the expansion and qualification of the instrument used in Brazil.

health facilities; human resources; quality assurance; health care; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; focus groups

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