The perception of people with disabilities about work and the Law of Quotas: a literature review

Pollyanna Salles Rodrigues Éverton Luís Pereira About the authors


The inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market was possible through legislation reserving vacancies, however, it is still insufficient to offer employment without providing accessibility conditions. It is relevant to investigate the possibilities and the challenges of the insertion of the disabled person in the work, but few studies depart from their perception. This study aims to understand how the Brazilian journals of Collective Health of Qualis CAPES above B2 are addressing the perception of people with disabilities and the influence of the Law of Quotas on inclusion in work. This is a bibliographical study, like literature review. It is perceived that the intersection between the studies on disability and studies on the work enters Collective Health as an emergent subject. From the reading and analysis of the articles, four categories were created: disability as a disadvantage and restriction of participation; quotas for people with disabilities; the perception of the disabled person about work and social inclusion measures at work. There is still a long way to go so that the elimination of barriers is not only based on organization, legislation, education, but essentially in the field of ideology, politics and society.

people with disabilities; social awareness; labor

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