Evaluation of user's satisfaction with the Family Health Program in the rural area of two smalls cities in Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil

Alice da Costa Uchoa Evania Leiros Souza Ana Flávia Souza Spinelli Rosiane Gomes de Medeiros Débora Cristina de Souza Peixoto Richardson Augusto Rosendo da Silva Nadja de Sá Pinto Rocha About the authors

This study aims to evaluate the user's satisfaction with the Family Health Program in two small municipalities in Rio Grande do Norte. A case-study was conducted from October to December 2007, using four focus groups with 60 users. The method was the content analysis, with the following categories: conceptions of health needs and PSF; comprehensive care (welcoming, bond, home visits), health promotion activities, facilities and difficulties in relation to care, and social participation. The results show perception of health needs such as care; unfamiliarity with the program; satisfaction with broad accesses; improvement of quality; bond; welcoming, home visits. The reason for dissatisfaction was the lack of continuous teams and lack of central health clinics. Actions to promote better quality and social control hardly existed, directing the claims to local politicians. We concluded that there was no conversion, but a reproduction of a simplified model of attention, disarticulated both with health promotion and with health itself as a social right.

evaluation; satisfaction; PSF; rural areas; small towns

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