Professional trajectory in the formation of Social Sciences in Health in Abrasco

Aurea Maria Zöllner Ianni Cristiane Spadacio Renato Barboza Olga Sofia Fabergé Alves Sabrina Daniela Lopes Viana Ane Talita Rocha About the authors

Nowadays, the importance of social sciences to the consolidation of Public Health in Brazil is increasingly felt. Therefore, understanding the professional history that somehow founded the field and kept it is ultimately understanding the very theoretical path and practice in this area, as evidenced also in congresses of Social Sciences in Health conducted by Abrasco. In the context of this discussion, this article presents a profile of the mapping of the presidents of Abrasco and coordinators of Social Sciences Committees who occupied these positions between 1995 and 2011, when Brazilian Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities in Health were held. We conducted 13 interviews with presidents Abrasco and coordinators of the Social Sciences Committee, in its different administrations. Although this article is more descriptive, conccerning the establishment and institutionalization of Social Sciences in Health in Abrasco, it is believed that understanding the forming process of this subfield from the speech of its agents is extremely helpful for the current debates on the role played by Social Sciences in Public Health

collective health; social sciences in health; professional trajectory

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