Chronic diseases and the history of care: evaluation of the health system in small municipalities

Luciane Marques Raupp Gisele Dhein Cássia Regina Gotler Medeiros Magali Teresinha Quevedo Grave Olinda Maria de Fátima Lechmann Saldanha Marilucia Vieira dos Santos Lydia Christman Espindola Koetz Gizele Pires de Oliveira Almerom About the authors

This work presents the results of a qualitative analysis of a study that aimed at identifying and evaluating the care given to the most prevalent chronic conditions in the region covered by the 16th Regional Health Office. Semistructured interviews were made with 12 people who had Non-Transmissible Chronic Diseases (NTCD) describing their history of care. Basic care (BC) services of six municipalities were contacted. Participants were selected according to criteria of population and coverage of the Family Health Strategy (ESF). Interviews were analyzed using the Content Analysis method in the following categories: Access to the Health System where topics regarding the ways in which users enter the health system and their health care histories were discussed. The difficulties of access to obtain health care, access to public transportation systems, urgency and medications were also discussed. Data involving perception of the care provided in BC, the evaluation of the care received and the time elapsed between diagnosis and treatment were considered in category A, user satisfaction with the health services. The analysis of health care histories suggests low efficacy of the BCs, both for prevention and diagnosis of the NTCDs, showing that there are no lines of care.

public health policies; evaluation in health; chronic diseases

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