Management of diabetes by professionals and users of Primary Health Care

Rogério da Silva Paes Henriques About the author


Diabetes is a disease that cannot be cured, but managed, and its management is seen as a strategy to overcome its unpleasant consequences in various life situations. This study aims to understand how the diabetes mellitus 2 management process occurs by professionals and users affected by this condition. This is a qualitative research, with observational and explanatory design, which included the participation of health professionals and users they care for, all from primary health care. Information was collected through semi-structured interviews and interpreted using Discourse Analysis. For informants, food aspects are the most difficult to deal with. The professionals' discourse points to flexible eating practices, but users understand the guidelines as prohibitions. Feeding represents a great challenge for both professionals and users, as both need to consider management practices as part of care.

diabetes mellitus; patient’s compliance; health knowledge; attitudes; practice

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