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Making bodies: considerations on scientific and media devices in women's beauty magazines

This paper aims to confront scientific and media devices in the construction of the ideal thin body, through the analysis of womens's beauty magazines. We selected two specific sections of large circulation magazines - Boa Forma and Corpo a Corpo - with a view to analyzing texts and images related to the issue of food consumption, products and services, among other symbolic forms that ensure and value life expectancy, access to fitness, thinness and beauty, considered healthy attributes. The results show the profusion of formulas or recipes associating thinness and happiness, among other gains to be achieved with discipline, effort and, above all, making use of the consumption of goods and services for the aesthetics. There is clear discursive support based on medical-aesthetic specialized knowledge diluted in the print media, and played by specialists in different disciplines and professional fields, lending legitimacy or truth value to readers, emphasizing "health care". It seems that there is complicity between the media and biomedical discourses in a lucrative consortium whereby the legitimacy achieved by the former unfolds into a lucrative market for agents that hold (bio)medical-aesthetic knowledge.

thinness; biopower; device; health

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