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Where is the child?: challenges and obstacles to the matrix support of children with mental health problems

Cinthia Mendonça Cavalcante Maria Salete Bessa Jorge Danielle Christine Moura dos Santos About the authors

The paper discusses the current challenges encountered in caring for children with mental health problem in the context of the Family Health Strategy (FHS). Therefore, this study sought to understand how the matrix support (MS) has been used as a tool for care of children with mental health problems in the Family Health Strategy. Interviews were conducted with professionals involved in the work of MS in mental health in the FHS and relatives of children seen by this form of mental health care. The narratives were analyzed by Paul Ricoeur's Hermeneutic-Phenomenology approach. When questioned about cases of child seen at matrix support, it was discussed, even with some controversy, almost no attention to this age group. Therefore, it was realized that not only the issue of child mental health is still poorly studied, but its population is not perceived in the context of the FHS. At the same time, the mother's difficulty in exposing the children's mental health problems in the context of the FHS has also inhibited the care for this population. Moreover, little training in child mental health of health workers has become an obstacle to the effectuation of care for children. Thus, these issues must be discussed and addressed effectively, so that, as recommended to adults, children with mental health problems can be cared for in a comprehensive way, being, however, observed differences in their development and needs.

child; mental health; matrix support

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