Health as negation of a negative: a dialectic perspective

Fernando Lefevre Ana Maria Cavalcanti Lefevre About the authors

This paper presents a view of health and of health-disease relationship based on a dialectic perspective, placing the problem in the contemporary historical context. The issues consider a tension between the hegemonic view that, from a synchronic perspective, means health production, whose object is the sick one-consumer. So it implies the permanent reproduction of a system that produces health goods and services, and the counter-hegemonic perspective, which, from the diachronic and historical viewpoints of health promotion, and tackling the basic causes of human sickening, starts reading and facing the health-disease relation, in order to overcome medical semiology, whose object is the sick person, towards a general or semiotic semiology, whose object is disease.

Health-disease relation; dialectic; biomedical model; health promotion

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