Health of those who are in homeless situation: (in)visibilities in access to the Unified Health System

Fabiana Aparecida Almeida Lawall Valle Beatriz Francisco Farah About the authors


Access to the Unified Health System is prerequisite for the dignity of the homeless population, which, due to social vulnerability, is exposed to factors that interfere with health. Objective: to understand how the access to the Unified Health System in the perception of the homeless adults. Qualitative methodological approach, with exploratory descriptive study. The techniques used were: semi-structured individual interviews and observation and field diary. Twenty homeless people participated in the research. The information was analyzed in the light of Dialectic Hermeneutics. Access to health services occurred in urgent and emergency situations and in Basic Attention was limited, two weekly vacancies were offered to this population, in a single Basic Health Unit. The access takes place through the mediation of the social protection network or the Street Clinic, restricting the access of citizens to health services. There were barriers in accessing health services: need to present documents; proof of residence. There are many challenges. Health is everyone's right, and their access must be a reality.

homeless persons; access to health; health services

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