Discontent in the culture of work: an existential perspective

Joelson Tavares Rodrigues David Richer Araujo Coelho Pedro Amorim Silva About the authors


This article aims to analyse the new ways of dicontents that appear in the contemporaneousness, besides to think the role fullfilled nowdays by the enterprises in the constitution of subjectivities. We used as a main theoretical base the contributions of existential philosophy and existential psychology, that are related to the psychosociology studies. Our conclusions are that the thematization of our existential condition of being-for-death calls into question the project of a subject without limits and omnipotent, which prevails in the dominant subjectivation modes of capitalist society. At the same time, it allows for a broader appropriation of our existence, opening a space for the experience of authenticity.

Discontent; work; anxiety; death

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