Between the singular and the collective: the experience of a service in the approach to anorexia and bulimia

Alexandre Costa Val Maria Bernadete de Carvalho Rosana Onocko Campos About the authors

We investigate the handling of dimensions of the collective and the singular in the context of health services guided by psychoanalysis. A public health service where care is provided to patients diagnosed with bulimia and / or anorexia is described and analyzed. The psychoanalytic orientation is given by elaborating the clinical cases in an interdisciplinary team. Data were collected from service's files, observation and direct participation of the authors in clinical activities of the service. The privilege to the singularity in the clinic of this service as a treatment of the peculiarities of the collective is evidenced and discussed in terms of its implications for collective health.

anorexia; bulimia; psychoanalysis; collective health

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