Social rehabilitation of patients with psychological distress: the gaze of users of a Psychosocial Care Center

Fernanda Paranhos-Passos Suely Aires About the authors

With the objective of enabling the broader social life of people with mental disorder, the Psychiatric Reform advocates to disrupt the hospitalization model and subsequent reintegration of these individuals. Whereas the reform is in process of construction, research is needed on the social reintegration to contribute to greater effectiveness of mental health network. This paper aims to analyze the views of users of a mental health service about the social rehabilitation of patients with psychological distress. The study involved the participation of 20 users of a CAPS, who responded to a semistructured interview, data were subjected to discourse analysis. The analysis indicates that the service is perceived as a place of welcome, safe for users, however, patients with psychological distress are still viewed with prejudice by attending a place of psychological assistance. Additionally, users of the service are not included in the labor market. Thus it is considered that the service still does not provide full social reinsertion. It is clear the positive shift in ways of mental health treatment, and the CAPS becomes synonymous with freedom in its various senses. However, the reinsertion not yet reached spaces other than the CAPS itself.

social reintegration; Psychosocial Care Center; Psychiatric Reform; Mental Health

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