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The matrix support in primary health care in Rio de Janeiro municipality: the matrix workers’ perception in Mental Health


Appropriate Mental Health care is considered a public health challenge. Integrating this care with Primary Health Care (PHC) is the main strategy according to WHO. In this direction, the creation of the Support Center for Family Health in Brazil was an advance, made up of a multidisciplinary team that has as main work tool the Matrix Support. This study aimed to analyze and to explore the perceptions of the work of the Mental Health matrix workers of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is a qualitative research that used the Focal Group along with the aquarium technique with matrix workers from eight programmatic areas. Content analysis took place through Structured Analysis. It was possible to identify questions related to the dilemmas of the training of professionals for PHC and Family Health, different conceptions about matrix support, impacts for professionals and patients on issues of violence and work overload, and management support. It was concluded that although the SCFH has presented important advances in health care, there is still a need for greater integration of professionals and users for greater clarity of the work of the matrix workers, aiming at strengthening SUS actions.

matrix support; mental Health; Primary Health Care; focus group; collaborative care

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