Characterization and costs of motorcycle accidents with victims treated under hospitalization in the city of Paranavai in 2007

Andrey Rogério Campos Golias Rosangela Caetano Cid Manso de Mello Vianna About the authors

This study aimed to characterize motorcycle accidents in the city Paranavaí, state of Parana, Brazil, in 2007, focusing in hospital costs, in the perspective of the Brazilian National Health System (the so-called SUS) and for the compulsory insurance that covers personal damages caused by road vehicles (DPVAT). It was based on research and analyses of databases of the Trauma and Emergency Integrated Care (SIATE), of DPVAT and SUS Admissions Information System (SIH-SUS). Population consisted of 655 victims (440 men and 215 women), 29.5 years old on average, 598 (91.3%) got injured and 11 (1.7%) died. The frequency of the hospital admission was, on average, 27%. The admissions by DPVAT corresponded to 82% of costs, and the medium cost was of R$ 1,608.60 and SUS admissions, 18%, with medium cost of R$ 450.44 by AIH and R$ 596.37 by patient. Mean cost of all admissions was R$ 1,321.00, and the cost is higher when the accident is more serious. These clearly indicate the need of adopting public policies that prioritize the application of financial and human resources in the reduction of accidents.

accidents; traffic; motor vehicles; motorcycles; costs and cost analysis

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