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The viewpoint of users, families and professionals about empowerment in mental health

Tarcísia Castro Alves Walter Ferreira de Oliveira Eduardo Mourão Vasconcelos About the authors

This study sought to investigate the concept of empowerment recognized by the main actors involved in mental health care in two psychosocial care services as a way to contribute to the evaluation of the identification, characterization, and ownership of empowerment devices in the Brazilian psychiatric reform. As a field of research, we selected a Center for Psychosocial Care and a Conviviality Center, both in Campinas city, State of São Paulo, Brazil, performing data collection after the approval of the Ethics Committee of Santa Catarina Federal University. The study subjects were seven users, three family members and 24 professionals from the multidisciplinary team. The case study was descriptive and qualitative. As a result, we found that the concept of empowerment submitted by users, families and professionals glimpses user's and family's autonomy, going through the power of choice, decision-making power and the power of being subject to their differences and similarities. We hoped this work contributes to the understanding of the importance of empowerment in the rehabilitation of people in mental distress, serving as a possible path to modify the realities of care developed in CAPS throughout Brazil.

empowerment; devices; mental health

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