From citizenship to the fulfillment of life projects: social inclusion of Psychosocial Care Center's users in everyday life

Mariana Moraes Salles Sonia Barros About the authors

This paper aims at identifying and analyzing possibilities and difficulties of Psychosocial Care Center (CAPS) users related to citizenship and the building of life projects, in the perspective of promoting social inclusion. The qualitative approach was used as the research methodology and the Agnes Heller's concept about everyday was used as a philosophical reference. Data was gathered from semi-structured interviews with users and people from their social network. Discourse analysis was used for examining the data. The service users found difficulties to get their rights assured, however, they also found possibilities, especially with CAPS's help. Furthermore, they fight for their rights, engaging in the social movements, promoting their own inclusion processes. The practice of citizenship is the first step towards social inclusion. The next steps are taken from the service user's personal projects and desires, in connection with the possibilities offered by the context.

mental health; mental health assistance; social change; social justice; social participation

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