The impacts of dance experience on its health relations

Marília Merle Tirintan Rogério Cruz de Oliveira About the authors


This study aims to analyze the possible impacts of the dance experience for these people non-professionals in their relationship with health. For this, an ethnological study was carried out, which was developed using 14 volunteers of both genders and between 34 and 70 years old who took dance classes in the city of São Paulo. The data collection tools consisted of participant observation and semi-structured interviews, aiming to contextualize and dimentionalize the field study and the researched subjects, as well as the analysis of the experience of dance. The data analysis was carried out using non-aprioristic categories. As a result, we found four analysis categories of the impacts of the dance experience in relationship with the health: therapeutics, physical/aesthetics, expression/creativity and sociability. Thus, it is concluded that practicing dance provided experiences in different aspects, being shown to go beyond a simple physical activity aimed at aesthetic benefits or body function, with it being considered an integrative practice and closer to the broad understanding of health.

Body; Bodily Practice; Health Promotion; Dance

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