Body practices in health promotion and quality of life: acting between Physical Education and Medicine at the Multicampi School of Medical Sciences of Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil

Marcel Alves Franco Lilian Pereira da Silva José Damião Rodrigues Milena de Oliveira Aguiar Maria Isabel Brandão de Souza Mendes Iraquitan de Oliveira Caminha About the authors


This article aims to identify the understanding of the body practices of medical students at the Multicampi School of Medical Sciences of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and discuss their realization in the context of Primary Healthcare. Through a documental research with a qualitative approach, we analyzed the 47 final reports of the discipline Body Practices in the promotion of health and quality of life, which took place in the 2017-1, 2017-2 and 2018-1 periods. Through document analysis, it was possible to identify how the students understood the body and health, at the same time that experiences were promoted that helped students to overcome prejudices about the practices, highlighting their importance in the field of health, especially which is consistent with an expanded medical training, acting in Primary Care, in order to be able to experience their own bodies and that of others.

Physical Education; Medicine; body practices; health; Primary Healthcare

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