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Chovendo na roseira by Tom Jobim: a Schenkerian approach

Carlos de Lemos Almada About the author

The present article examines the song Chovendo na roseira by Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim with focus on the deep structural relationships that exist among melody, harmony, and form. This was accomplished by using procedures of the Schenkerian analysis, here adapted for better adjustment to the characteristics of this specific piece. From the analytical process, it is possible to observe a consistent and hierarchical integration among the several melodic-harmonic phenomena present on the musical surface and some of the internal layers, which reveal relationships that are unusual in a popular music piece. It is especially remarkable the ubiquity of the interval of the perfect fourth, which is embedded in several of the aspects of musical construction, in all structural levels considered.

Chovendo na roseira; Tom Jobim; Schenkerian analysis

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