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Tailoring sustainable compounds using eggshell membrane as biobased epoxy catalyst


In this work eggshell membrane was added as biobased curing catalyst to epoxy (DGEBA), for comparison purposes the synthetic catalyst DEH 35 data was reported, the curing of compounds was followed through differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) under dynamic conditions and their kinetics were modeled using Kissinger, Friedman, Friedman model based and Málek approaches. From evaluated Ea and ln A two steps of curing were verified, for the synthetic catalyst compound (S5) Ea abruptly increased for the degree of conversion α>0.7 the opposite trend was observed for the eggshell membrane compound (M10). It is supposed for S5 Ea increases due to the competitive reactions leading to viscosity increase until reach the solid phase with decrease of the reactive groups availability, hampering the cross-linking, whereas for M10 Ea decreases at α>0.7, hence invalidating the Kissinger model which assumes constant Ea.

curing; eggshell membrane; epoxy; kinetics

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