High-density polyethylene nanocomposites containing layered double hydroxides, intercalated with anions derived from azo dyes

The present work describes the synthesis and characterization of Zn/Al layered double hydroxides (HDL) in the molar ratio 2:1, which were intercalated with hydrated chlorine ions and anions derived from the azo dyes methylorange (AM) and orange II (AII). After characterization, the materials were used as fillers into high density polyethylene (HDPE) and the nanocomposites were prepared by extrusion and injection, following the norm ASTM D638-10. The filler contents varied from 0.1 to 2% (including the sodium dye salts) and the homogeneous nanocomposites were evaluated in relation to their structural, thermal and mechanical properties. In general, after the fillers' addition there is only a small influence in the melting and crystallization temperature of HDPE. For HDLs intercalated with the anionic dye AM and both sodium dyes, the mechanical properties presented a small influence on Young's modulus and tensile strength and an increase in elongation compared to pure HDPE and an inverse behavior was observed for the anion AII, in addition to the HDL containing hydrated chlorine anions.

High density polyethylene; nanocomposites; layered double hydroxides; azo dyes; intercalation

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