Synthesis and characterization of butadiene-1,3 and octene-1 copolymer prepared by a Ziegler-Natta catalyst based on neodymium

Gustavo M. Silva Fernanda M. B. Coutinho Ivana L. Mello Marcos A. S. Costa Daniele F. C. Junger About the authors

The aim of this work is to evaluate the influence of octene-1 incorporation in the polybutadiene chain on the polymerization reaction and polymer characteristics. Thus, copolymerization of butadiene-1,3 with octene-1 using a Ziegler-Natta ternary catalyst based on neodymium was performed. The weight ratios of butadiene-1,3/α-olefin 100/0, 99/1, 97/3, 95/5, 90/10, 80/20 and 70/30 were evaluated. The copolymers were characterized by size exclusion chromatography (SEC), infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and thermogravimetric analysis (TG). The results showed that the degradation temperature (Tmax) was not affected by the addition of alpha-olefin, while the thermal behavior has undergone significant changes. The polymer microstructure was not influenced by the increasing of octene-1 content. However, a tendency to molecular mass increase was observed with the increasing of octene-1 content. It was also observed a trend in reduction of the polymerization conversion as the octene-1 content increased.

High-cis polybutadiene; copolymerization; octene-1; Ziegler-Natta catalyst

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