Structural characterization of HDPE/LLDPE and OMMT blend-based nanocomposites obtained by different blending sequences

High density polyethylene/linear low density polyethylene (HDPE/LLDPE) blend-based nanocomposites were prepared in a torque rheometer, using a mixture of HDPE-g-MA and LLDPE-g-MA both containing 1% of maleic anhydride as compatibilizer system. The effect from five blending sequences on the microstructure of the nanocomposites was investigated. The structural characterization was performed through wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and rheological properties. The results showed that the formation of morphology is dependent on the sequence of nanocomposite preparation and that the use of a mixture of two compatibilizer agents, miscible with both components of the blend matrix, facilitated the dispersion of the nanoclay throughout the matrix. The blending sequence where the nanoclay was first mixed with components of lower viscosity and crystallinity (LLDPE and/or LLDPE-g-MA) yielded better distribution and dispersion of nanoclay in the polymer blend.

Nanocomposites; HDPE; blend sequence

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