Photothermal characterization of low density polyethylene food packages

The present work discuss the applicability of photothermal techniques for determining diffusion coefficients of oxygen and carbon dioxide of commercial low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The methodology involves the monitoring of diffused gas by a photoacoustic analyzer. Diffusion coefficients measured for CO2 and O2 were 2.77 x 10-8 cm²/s and 1.68 x 10-7 cm²/s, respectively. To support the gas diffusion results, thermal properties were studied using photoacoustic spectroscopy and crystallinity was determined using X-ray diffraction. Values obtained for thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity were 1.65 x 10-3cm²/s and 2.33, which are in good agreement with values available in the literature for pure LDPE and thus assure reliability of diffusion coefficients values.

Photoacoustic spectroscopy; LDPE; diffusion coefficients

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