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Potential antioxidant migration from polyethylene packaging to food: a systematic review


This systematic review investigates evidence concerning antioxidant migration from polyethylene packaging to food. The review protocol was based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews guidelines. Several electronic databases were consulted for relevant studies, as well as references in eligible studies. Of the 44 eligible studies, only two did not indicate antioxidant migration. The reported migrations were influenced by numerous factors, the most important comprising the fatty contents of food and/or fat simulants, with higher fat amounts resulting in higher migration rates. Migrated antioxidant values ranged from 3.42 mg kg-1 to 231.70 mg kg-1, far above the maximum permissible amounts established by the current legislation regarding foods in contact with plastic resins.

antioxidants; health surveillance; migration; polyethylene

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