Mechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Chloroprene Rubber Compositions with Carbon Black

Often used in elastomeric compositions, fillers can be classified, according to their mechanical performance, as reinforcing or non-reinforcing fillers. Carbon black is the most used reinforcing filler in rubber compositions, either because of the excellent properties it confers to the rubber article, or due to its low cost and easy processing. When added to polymer systems, fillers are known to cause a considerable change in both dynamic moduli, viscous (E") and elastic (E'), and also in the loss factor (tan delta), which is the ratio between those two parameters. In this work, the mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of compositions of chloroprene rubber (CR) with carbon black (CB) were investigated. The filler content varied from 0 to 45 phr. The composition containing 40 phr of carbon black showed the best set of results.

Chloroprene rubber; carbon black; mechanical properties; dynamic mechanical properties

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