Production and characterization of chemically modified chitosan microspheres

Chitosan microspheres can be used as biomaterial, in biotechnology processes and as adsorbents. This work is concerned with the production of chitosan microspheres using spraying and coagulation processes, which allows us to control the operating parameters and to produce chitosan microspheres of several ranges and sizes. The microspheres were modified chemically in order to study their thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. The methods used were: 1) crosslinking with glutaraldehyde; 2) crosslinking with epichlorohydrin; 3) acetylation. The microspheres obtained presented mean particle size of 140 µm and standard deviation of 11.9 µm. The modified microspheres showed thermal degradation around 300 ºC, an increase of chemical stability using HCl solution and a decrease of mechanical resistance.

Chitosan; microspheres; spraying; chemical modification

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