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Bibliometric survey of the PVC production - Part I: the continuous polymerization challenge


Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) resins constitute the third most important plastic materials available commercially, in terms of worldwide volume production, and can be manufactured through several polymerization mechanisms, including free radical, ionic and redox polymerization processes. Approximately 80% of the worldwide commercial PVC production is performed through suspension polymerization processes in batch mode, due to intrinsic problems of continuous suspension polymerization processes, such as polymer incrustation in reaction vessels, transport equipment and pipes. For this reason, the present review provides an extensive bibliometric survey, including papers and patents, on attempts to develop continuous polymerization process technologies for PVC manufacture. Particularly, the present survey characterizes the degree of maturity and the main bottlenecks of continuous PVC processes that have been frequently overlooked in the technical literature.

PVC; continuous polymerization; suspension polymerization; bibliometry

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