An alternative filling material to replace gutta percha in endodontic treatment

Gutta percha is the most widely used dental material for root canal fillings and has been used for over 100 years. It is obtained from a few species of trees in the Malaio archipelago. The disadvantage of gutta percha is its degradability upon aging which can be enhanced when heat is used during obturation. In this work, dental cones based on SBS were developed. Clinical results showed that the new material can be used in warm as well as in cold obturation techniques. In the case of retreatment the new material was found to be easier and faster to be removed from the canal, thus preserving the teeth walls. The same behavior was observed when a solvent was used. Furthermore, the new material exhibited a higher degradation temperature which is an indication of its higher temperature stability, an important characteristic during the obturation process.

Trans-polyisoprene; gutta percha; endodontic treatment; endodontic cones

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