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Bioplastic composed of starch and micro-cellulose from waste mango: mechanical properties and biodegradation


Waste mango was used to obtain starch and micro-cellulose for the production of bioplastic. Three different formulations were made: positive control or cotyledon starch/glycerol; SC1 or cotyledon starch/glycerol and cellulose at 0.1% and SC5 or cotyledon starch/glycerol and cellulose at 0.5% w/w. The bioplastics were mechanically analyzed (tensile strength, elongation and Young´s modulus) and, aerobic biodegradation analysis was realized with a standard test method based on the amount of material carbon converted to CO2. The mechanical tests indicated that with the addition of cellulose, the bioplastics improved their mechanical properties. The biodegradation at 30 days showed 93 and 94% for SC1 and SC5. Therefore, the biodegradation of bioplastics depends on both, the addition of cellulose and the environment where they are placed (e.g., soil characteristics: pH level, C:N ratio, moisture). These bioplastics offer new opportunities for fast degrading biomaterials in agricultural applications (padding and protection bags).

bioplastic; cellulose; cotyledon starch; biodegradation; mechanical tests

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